Physical therapist Jason Dorsch supervises a student athlete's rehabilitation exercise.

We know physical therapy is the last place anyone wants to be. That’s why we cultivate a fun, positive environment and build real relationships with every person we work with.

A member of the Running Project on a workout at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff.

Take your running to the next level with an evidence-based combination of pro running coaching, strength and conditioning, monthly physical therapy and discounted massage.

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This program is an evolution in personal training. Our experienced, college-educated personal trainers guide you through functional strength and conditioning sessions under the supervision of our Physical Therapists.

Massage therapist Zac Timmons mobilizing the shoulder with deep tissue massage.

Massage and Manual Therapy are integral to the Physio Shop’s holistic treatment philosophy. Our LMTs work hand-in-hand with our PTs and Trainers to build personalized treatments for all ages and activity levels.

Analyst Colby McCune films a slow-motion green-screen video for running gait analysis.

Gait analysis is helping runners everywhere to improve their form and boost their performance. We’ve partnered with the experts at Run Lab Austin to bring next-generation gait analysis techniques to the athletes of Northern Arizona.